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The Kennel


At the edge of the "Erzgebirge" between Dresden and Chemnitz (Saxonia), in the village Langhennersdorf, the Leonberger kennel "vom-Nonnenwald" of our family exists since 1992.


The 1.Leonberger, the female Esly vom Selketal, was there already 2 years on our yard. Then, in march 1994 our A-litter was there.


Our dogs have the whole garden for itself and the small stream in our garden is a special playground for the puppies. The walks with our dogs make also much fun for our grandchild.

Esly and Baffy our first Leos
Our puppies
Our dogs in the garden
Puppies at the small stream

Grandson with ours leos
John with puppies
Granddaughter with ours leos
Puppie with our sheep


address:   W.- M. Schellewald
    GT Langhennersdorf
    Hauptstrasse 2
    09600 Oberschöna
mobil:   +49-152-59929184
phone:   +49-37328-7710
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Update: 11.02.2024
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